Build a Mail Server on Windows – Unlimited Business Emails! rating

What you'll Get?

Learn How To Send & Receive emails using your own mail server.

Configure rDNS, SSL, DKIM, and SPF to avoid Spam mails on Windows.

Relay Emails through your Own SMTP Server.

Create Unlimited Business Emails.

Learn How to Setup Your Own Email Marketing System.

[Most Important] Get Life Time Premium Support!! (as soon as I am not dead 😀)

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Jocelyn Gabriel

This course is very helpful to me and the instructor is responsive to all my inquiry. Very Detailed and well explained. He's such a great guy.


Ken Wells

The instructor lays out everything simply and easily, showing exactly what to do on screen. All you have to do is follow the instructions. Highly recommended.


Chip Smith

Hasan offers valuable knowledge that anyone can use, and easily understand, and he presents his educational videos with skill. The man truly cares about people and wants to help.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Promo

    • Before You Continue

    • Email System Overview

    • Requirements & Estimated Costs

  • 2

    Prepare your Environment

    • Section Introduction

    • Get a VPS from Contabo

    • Get a Domain Name

  • 3

    Mail Server Installation

    • Install HmailServer

    • Basic Configuration

    • Set SPF

    • rDSN (PTR) Record

    • MX Record

    • Setup DKIM

    • Change Hostname

    • Send a Test Email

    • Configure SSL

  • 4

    Before you Send!

    • Very Important!

    • Emails In Inbox (Full Guide)

  • 5

    Connect with Mailing Apps

    • Section Introduction

    • MailWizz Integration

    • Mautic Integration

    • Connect With Wordpress

    • Setup Roundcube Web mail Client

    • Connect Local App (Thunderbird)

  • 6

    Additional Content

    • Bonus Stuff For you!

  • Great Support!

    I believe the support is more important than the course itself, so I do follow-up questions daily.

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    I decided to take all the risks from your shoulders and give you full 14 days to go through the program.

  • High Quality Content

    All Courses are Recorded in High Quality (Full HD), and we try our best to deliver the best quality in our courses.

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