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Learn How To How to Setup and Configure Postal SMTP.

Learn How to Get a 10/10 Sending Score.

Learn How to Setup and Configure Mautic Marketing System.

Learn How to Run Different Types of Automated Email Marketing Campaigns.

Send Cold Emails a Lot cheaper.

Learn How Email Marketing Systems work.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Introduction

    • Before You Continue

    • The Email System

    • Requirements

  • 2

    Get a VPS Machine

    • Get 2 VPS Servers From Contabo

    • IP Blacklist Note

    • Connect To The VPS

  • 3

    Get a Domain Name

    • Buy a Domain

    • Map Domain to Servers

  • 4

    Mail Server Installation

    • Section Introduction

    • Postal Installation (Updated)


    • Basic Configuration

    • SPF and DKIM Explained

    • Send a Test Email

  • 5

    Setup Mautic

    • Section Introduction

    • Install Mautic

    • Basic Configuration

  • 6

    Before you Hit Send!

    • Section Introduction

    • MX and Receiving Emails

    • Setup DMARC.

    • rDNS

    • Return Path + Free Bounce Verification Service

    • Get 10/10 Sending Score

    • Congratulations!

  • 7

    Mautic Walkthrough

    • Section Introduction

    • Adding Your Email List (Segment)

    • Points & Stages

    • Example 1: Run a Sample Broadcast Campaign

    • Example 2: Run a Sequence Campaign after subscription

    • Example 3: Run a Sequence Cold Campaign

    • Example 4: Using Forms

    • Mautic Fast Walkthough

  • 8

    Postal Mail Server Additional Configuration

    • Section Introduction

    • Postal Overview

    • SSL Certificate

    • Start at boot

    • Using the API Credentials

    • IP Pools

  • 9

    Alternatives (Optional)

    • Section Introduction

    • Postal Alternatives

    • Mautic Alternatives

  • 10

    Additional Content

    • Bonus Lecture

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